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Flawless Brows by Finishing Touch

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Flawless Brows by Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch introduces Flawless Brows, the new gold standard and first precision hair remover that simply and painlessly sweeps away unwanted hair, for stunningly beautiful brows. Hold it like a pencil. Use it like an eraser. See a hair you don’t want, then instantly erase it. Inside Flawless Brows’ precision hair removal tip is the finest German engineered technology that erases unwanted hair with micro precision. And it’s perfectly balanced for perfect control.

Every woman wants beautiful brows.

Trim between the brows, above, below, even toward the hairline. Flawless Brows is perfect for sensitive skin because it’s so gentle and precise. And with 18K gold-plated head, it’s hypoallergenic and and gentle on all skin types. The fastest, easiest, pain-free way to have beautiful brows everyday, guaranteed — when you see a hair you don’t want, just take it right off.

Flawless Brows has a built-in LED light that make it easy to see and erase unwanted hair. Discreet and portable so you can do it anytime, anywhere (but please, not while driving). No more going to the salon for quick touchups. Dermatologist approved. This is precision hair removal that’s gentle and safe to the touch.  Order Flawless Brows today.


4 thoughts on “Flawless Brows by Finishing Touch

  1. I order flawless brow by finishing touch from you on the 4th of September by paypal
    and I have not received it yet. Linda Pryor

  2. I am interesting in purchasing the flawless brow product and I would like to call, is their a number I talk to someone. I don’t put my credit card on line. thank you

    1. There may be a phone number, but this is the info we have. If you were to call and place an order, your credit card info would be stored the same way as if you purchased online. 🙂

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