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Finishing Touch Flawless Body

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Finishing Touch Flawless Body

Imagine a better way to shave. No water, no razor burns, no nicks, bumps, or cuts ever again. Flawless Body is the total body solution for instant, painless hair removal. No water needed, and perfect for your most sensitive areas. You can dry shave without getting any nicks or cuts or bumps. This full body groomer is the gentle way to remove hair anywhere.

Flawless Body is the new gold standard in full body hair removal.

You don’t need soap, water or creams. Use it anywhere, anytime. The 18K gold plated head has dual sided oscillating blades that gently remove hair without any water. The pivoting head contours to every curve, and it’s bidirectional so you can shave up or down. Perfect for sensitive areas like bikini, ankles and knees. Flawless Body is so effective that it can remove hair anywhere, yet it’s gentle and safe to the touch.

Rechargeable. Built-in LED light. Free case.

No batteries needed, because Flawless Body is rechargeable. With its built-in bright LED light, you’ll never miss a hair. It’s gentle enough to use every day without irritation. Order Finishing Touch Flawless Body today.


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