Get Obamacare Faster and Easier with eHealth

Are you still uninsured? Time is running out to sign up for Obamacare health coverage and avoid costly tax penalties. Did you know that eHealth (, a trusted private health insurance website, provides a faster, easier alternative to clunky, problem-plagued That site, spurned by Repubs and Dems alike, has left so many of us with bald patches on our once brilliant domes after the aggravation of attempting to use it drained our last vestiges of quickly dwindling sanity. Now there’s help.

Just enter birthday, gender to see your options.

Head to eHealth for its simple interface that quickly gives you all your insurance options after you simply enter your birth date and gender, and those of any spouse or children. The site immediately gives you all your plan options. From there, just click on a plan to apply. Do you qualify for a subsidy? Use the Subsidy Calculator to find out, then apply your subsidy to any of the qualified plans available.

Why use eHealth?

eHealth has been selling health insurance online for over 15 years. Its site is much easier to use than the government site, and it provides the same coverage and prices as that site. eHealth has been authorized to sell both subsidized (in most states) and nonsubsidized policies (in all states).

Deadlines: March 15 and March 30.

Time’s running out. Sign up for a plan by March 15 to start that plan on April 1. You have until March 30 to sign up to avoid the tax penalty. See more about tax penalties in the video above.

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