Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is As Seen On TV Video?

As Seen On TV Video is a website where you can watch commercials for hundreds of products and services advertised on TV.

Do you sell products on your site?

No. Whenever possible, we provide a link to an external website where the product is available for purchase.

Can you help me if I have a problem with my order?

We are not a store. We do not sell anything. If you need help with an order, you will need to contact the seller directly in order to receive assistance. We cannot help you and will not respond if you are looking for customer service, order tracking, or have other product-related inquiries.

Do you endorse the products advertised on your site?

We provide commercials, product descriptions and online shopping for the convenience of our visitors. We do our best to feature quality products or services on our website. However, we do not endorse, guarantee, or otherwise vouch for the quality or effectiveness of products or services featured on As Seen On TV Video. Any claims you read on this website regarding the quality or effectiveness of products or services are claims made by the seller of that product or service, and are not endorsed or verified by As Seen On TV Video.

How can I feature my infomercial on your site?

If your company markets DRTV offers available for purchase online, and you’d like your long or short-form infomercial featured on As Seen On TV Video, please send an email to and introduce yourself. We’d love to hear from you.