Family Bible Films

Family Bible Stories – Free DVD

Family Bible Stories – Free DVD

Family Bible Films new series, Friends and Heroes, is the most entertaining way for kids to learn the stories of the Bible. Each episode in this richly animated series follows a group of friends from the Ancient World, exciting bible stories and valuable lifelong lessons.

Get a free Bible Stories DVD.

Your free DVD (just pay S&H), Friends & Heroes: Long Journey, features two of the Bible’s most important stories: Daniel and the Lion’s Den and Jesus and the Miraculous Catch.  These exciting animated films will help your kids understand the Bible. You’ll also get access to downloadable learning guide for a deeper dive where your kids can learn even more about the greatest stories in the Bible.

Family Bible Films Free DVD

Stream to any device.

Your kid might not even know what to do with a DVD. Not to worry, because you can stream Family Bible Films on all your devices: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android – any online device with a web browser.

Get a free Friends and Heroes DVD with free online streaming plus free downloadable learning guides.

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