EZ Walk Insoles

EZ Walk Flip Flop Insoles

EZ Walk Flip Flop Insoles

EZ Walk is the flip flop insole that provides optimum comfort and a secure, snug fit. Sandals are cute, but fashion hasn’t figured out comfort. Walking in sandals causes foot, toe and back fatigue, because they don’t provide the support your feet need.

Introducing EZ Walk contour molding insoles just for sandals. EZ Walk insoles for flip flops conform to your feet, providing a perfect fit and improved support so you can wear your flip flops comfortably all day.

The microfiber top layer is soft and smooth to the touch, and won’t slip as you walk. The high density memory foam middle layer is comfy and cushiony. The rubberized foam sole is tough and durable, so you won’t lose support for an entire season.  Put an end to loose sandals. Your flip flops will be just as comfy after a year as they were when brand new.

Easy custom sizing and stay put adhesive technology install in seconds on any size sandal, and look and feel great for the long run. EZ Walk comes in multiple colors to seamlessly integrate with your favorite sandals or flip flops.

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