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Blade Nano QX FPV Drone with Headset Gives You Eyes in the Skies

Blade Nano QX FPV 4CH 2.4GHz RC DroneIt’s all about drones these days, what with Amazon gearing up for Prime Air delivery and RC enthusiasts video piloting their latest ‘copters in the park. Have you ever dreamed of flying like an eagle with a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood? You can zip between trees at up to 100 miles an hour, maybe peer over that high wall you’ve always wondered about. The headset lets you look around in any direction – you can even see yourself down below on the ground, a real-time out-of-body experience. You don’t have to be a member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force to enjoy aerial acrobatics like these – the new generation of super-light and durable RC aircraft are incredibly agile and maneuverable. New quadcopters like the Blade Nano QX FPV 4CH 2.4GHz RC Drone give you the totally immersive cockpit experience of on-board piloting. This isn’t virtual reality. It’s totally real and you’re in control.
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How to Save a Wet Smartphone

It’s inevitable that at some point your smartphone will want to test the water and go for a swim. When that time comes, don’t panic. Follow these steps from instead.

1. Retrieve phone from toilet/Jacuzzi/wine glass.

2. Take out the battery and any data cards. If you have an iPhone or other device that doesn’t easily give up its battery, power it down.

3. Wipe down the phone. Don’t blow-dry it or stick it in the microwave, which can damage its electronics. Use a can of compressed air to blow water out of crevices, but be careful not to blow it farther inside the device.

4. You can put the phone in a bag of uncooked rice, but this can get messy. It’s better to keep a synthetic desiccant handy. These include the Idea Mia Jet Bag Tech Cell Phone and Gadget Rapid Dry Recovery Solution and the Dry-All Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit. You can also find a retailer near you that has a DryBox, which dries electronic devices in minutes.

Side Socket Wall-Mounted Surge Protector with Rotating Sockets

Side SocketSide Socket is the most inventive and useful As Seen on TV product we’ve seen so far in 2013. Just when it seems that all possible household gadgets have already been invented, Allstar (who brought us the Snuggie) delivers with this wall-mounted surge protector with sockets that rotate to the side to reduce clutter and save space. Side Socket turns two outlets into six. That’s great, but you can pick up a wall adapter that does that at any hardware store. But Side Socket has two sets of three outlets that each rotate 9o degrees to the side. This means you can fully utilize all the electrical outlets in your home or office and still move furniture right up against the wall. With today’s plugged-in lifestyle, we have more and more devices that need to be plugged in or charged up. Keep all your electrical cords, plugs and power adapters neat, tidy and organized.

Boom Cube Keychain Speaker – New Product Tuesday

Boom Cube Keychain SpeakerBoom Cube is a tiny speaker, just one inch square, that produces big sound when connected to an iPod, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Back in the 1980s, you had to carry an enormous boom box on your shoulder in order to blast your cassette mix tapes at maximum volume to an unwilling audience. It also cost a fortune to keep them in D-size batteries. If you had one of those new-fangled Sony Walkmans, you could enjoy your music privately, but without a way to share your superior musical tastes with strangers on public transportation.

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New Product Tuesday with EZ Eyes Large Print Computer Keyboard

EZ Eyes Computer KeyboardOften, As Seen on TV products are true innovations, the result of years of basement tinkering by a dedicated inventor with an idea and a dream. Today’s new product is a minor enhancement to an existing product, but it’s an upgrade so obvious and so useful that it makes you wonder why no one ever thought of it before. The EZ Eyes Keyboard is a standard USB computer keyboard that works on both Macs and PCs.

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New Product Tuesday with Music Bullet

Music Bullet Portable SpeakerPublic spaces were a little more tuneful back in the 1980s. Sure, some music lovers were listening privately with the new Sony Walkman. But the eighties was also the decade of the boombox. Dedicated music lovers made cassette mixtapes from vinyl singles and LPs, hoisted improbably large and loud portable stereos onto their shoulders, then traveled the urban landscape on foot to lovingly share their favorite music whether you wanted to hear it or not. They spent all their disposable income and overflowed landfills with mounds of the D batteries giant boomboxes consumed eight or ten at a time.

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MagicJack Plus Is Now More Magical. No Computer Needed.

Order MagicJack PlusMeet new MagicJack Plus. With the original (and wildly successful) MagicJack, your only option was to plug the device into your computer’s USB port. But what if your computer’s not available or it’s not turned on? What if you don’t even have a computer? The brand new MagicJack Plus doesn’t require a computer. Plug directly into your broadband router and it’s available at all times so you can make and receive free calls throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can still plug it into your computer if you want. If you have a laptop, MagicJack Plus is great for free calling when you travel.

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New Product Tuesday with myZone Headphones

MyZone Wireless Headphones BOGO OfferDo you live in a household with loud, obnoxious, annoying people, and sometimes wish you lived alone? If so, the next best thing to your own Fortress of Solitude is a pair of myZone Wireless Headphones. They work on all TVs and install in seconds. Just plug the base unit into the audio out jacks on your TV, strap on the myZones, and zone out in a personal audio/video paradise with your favorite reality shows, shopping channels, sitcom marathons, late-night talk fests, and detective dramas. The heavily-padded foam earpieces of your myZone Headphones will cancel out noise from your boorish housemates, smoke alarms, or police swat teams at your door. You won’t even know others exist unless they walk in front of the TV. Need to go the bathroom and afraid you’ll miss hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s latest court date? No worries, because myZone Headphones have a range of up to 100 feet.