Egg Sitter

Egg Sitter Support Cushion

Egg Sitter Support Cushion

Egg Sitter is the amazing new flex cushion that supports your back and your spine so well, you can sit on an egg without breaking it. Say goodbye to aching muscles from sitting all day, or a stiff back from long car rides. Sit all day on even the hardest chair and still feel comfortable.

Go ahead. Sit on an egg. It won’t break.

Other cushions need a gap to cradle the tailbone, but not Egg Sitter. The honeycomb design is constructed of Elasticore that absorbs pressure points by collapsing in on itself. That’s why you can sit on an egg and it won’t break, even under direct pressure.

Make life more comfortable with Egg Sitter.

Now, long days at the office will be more comfortable, dinner more enjoyable, and painful car rides a thing of the past. The cushion’s Elasticore stays cool to the touch and allows air to circulate underneath, while giving you optimal lumbar support every time you sit. It’s super strong and durable, always retaining its shape.

TV Double Offer.

Order Egg Sitter today and get a free non-slip washable cover and a 10-year comfort guarantee. With this double offer you can get a second cushion — just pay a separate fee.

2 thoughts on “Egg Sitter Support Cushion

  1. My mom has a bony tailbone. She needs something so her tailbone won’t hurt when sitting or laying will your cushion work for that?

    1. Hi Nadine. This website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell or recommend any products. You might find reviews for this cushion on Amazon. Good luck!

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