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Easy View XT Glare Blocker Sun Visor

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Easy View XT Glare Blocker Sun Visor

Blinding sun and glare make driving dangerous. Block them instantly with Easy View XT, the glare-blocking tinted clear acrylic sun visor for your car. Just slide Easy View XT onto your existing sun visor, and you’re ready for safer driving. Easy View HD stays securely in place. Nothing to assemble and no tools required.

Just flip Easy View XT into the down position to instantly block sun and glare. Easy View XT is tinted just the right amount to diffuse light and glare, keeping the road ahead in clear view. Even reduces glare from oncoming headlights at night.

Stop squinting in sun and glare. Get Easy View XT so you can actually see. Whether it’s early morning sun, blinding afternoon light or diffusing headlight glare at night, you’ll see better with Easy View XT.


10 thoughts on “Easy View XT Glare Blocker Sun Visor

  1. why is that no one can return a phone call after I have called six times in five days and left two messages maybe you need to put someone to work inside of a recording so that you make people think you are a real business you say that you have sent a shipment but when I try to track it fed ex smartpost has no record of it your own system says there is no record of the order may be I will hold all payments until I rec a phone back

    1. Ron, it won’t help you to post this here. Our website streams videos of TV commercials. Just because we have a commercial on our site, don’t assume we sell the product. We don’t sell Easy View HD and so we can’t help with your order. We’re not a store and we don’t sell anything.

  2. I ordered the Easy View visor. Upon filling out the information nothing was said about shipping. How surprised when I did the complete order, I did not have the chance to view the shipping cost before the order was finalized. So, when they say you get one free, it is false advertisement. Paying $10.00 for one with one free is not free when you have to pay $15.00 for shipping less than a pound of merchandise. I would had canceled the order had I know what the shipping was. Not good customer service in my opinion. Now to see if the visor is worth the amount I paid…….. Not a happy customer.

    1. Without defending the practices of the As Seen on TV industry, I will state the extra shipping charge for the “free” item is quite prominently displayed. Right at the top of the order page it says “Buy one get one free! (Just pay separate P&H). Farther down the page, near the order button it says “Order your first Easy View HD™ for just $10.00 + $7.95 P&H and get the second Easy View HD™ for FREE! Just pay the additional processing fee of $7.95.” Almost every As Seen on TV product in the $10 – $19.95 price range works this way. It’s not unique to this product. Again, not defending, just educating shoppers.

  3. why is it you can not put 2 in one box to ship and pay one shipping and handleing ? it makes no sense ! You may get more orders with shipping free one in same box as purches.

    1. question seems reasonable, why don’t you put two in one box unless the shipping costs more than your item and you get the shipping fee too?

      1. The question is reasonable, but since we’re not the seller we can’t answer it. I think it’s obvious that charging extra processing/shipping for a ‘free’ item is an easy way to increase profit for the seller and has nothing to do with actual shipping costs. It’s not unique to this product. Almost all As Seen on TV offers in this price range do the same thing.

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