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New Product Tuesday with Top Trainers

Top Trainers DVD Fitness ProgramLadies, how is that New Year’s resolution working out for you? Has your ambitious diet and exercise program melted off the flab? Are your arms, thighs, tush and tummy all tightened and toned? No? Have you even really started? Get your hand out of the cookie jar and start working out with the top fitness trainers in the USA. The new Top Trainers DVD Fitness Program is designed for busy women like you. If you’re ready for a change, have as little as six minutes to workout, and would like to see visible results in just one week, Top Trainers is your ticket to thin and sexy. Top Trainers uses the Blend Method, combining cardio, yoga, kickboxing, Latin dance and more to vary your workout routine and avoid boredom and plateaus. In addition to the 10 DVDs, you get a fitness guide, wall calendar, one month free subscription to, resistance band and bonus weight loss DVD.

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New Product Tuesday with Shirley Temple DVD Box Set

Shirley Temple DVD Set As Seen on TVShirley Temple is unarguably the biggest child film star of all time. At the height of her popularity in the 1930s, she made dozens of shorts and features, and her name and likeness were used to sell dolls, dishes, soap, books, cereal and even Packard automobiles. Her films were shown widely on TV in the 1950s and 60s, so most baby boomers grew up with Shirley just like their parents.

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New Product Tuesday with Crusade WWII DVD Set

Crusade WWII DVD SetSince yesterday was Memorial Day, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate product for this week’s New Product Tuesday than Crusade WWII. Originally shown on television in 1949 and 1951, Crusade in Europe and Crusade in the Pacific are hardly new. What’s new is their release in this special Crusade World War II DVD Collection. Because these gripping documentaries were made just a few years after World War II ended, involving some the some of the same filmmakers and journalists who actually reported from the front, they provide a unique perspective on the greatest generation who bravely fought evil to keep us free.