Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic

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Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic

Finally, there’s a powerful, all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable kitchen cleaner from a pure and simple people. Introducing Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic. It’s tough enough to tackle the worst burnt-on food, yet gentle enough to use on granite and marble countertops. Safe to use in your microwave without leaving a toxic chemical residue behind. Because it’s not abrasive, you’ll love it on your glass top stove.

The secret: water and oil don’t mix.

Everyone knows that water and oil don’t mix. But Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic makes water wetter and dissolves the greasiest messes in your kitchen. Just add a couple of ounces to your dishwater to dissolve the worst cooked-on gook. Why spend money on all these cleaners when all-natural Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic can do it all? It really does work as advertised, and if you don’t agree, just send it back.


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