Dolly Do It

Dolly Do It – 6 Wheel Drive Stair Dolly

Dolly Do It – 6 Wheel Drive Stair Dolly

Dolly Do It is the 6 wheel drive stair dolly that easily carries and climbs for you, making everything pain-free and easy to do. Drag heavy loads over curbs and up stairs with one hand. Stack multiple items and make one trip instead of three. And when you’re done, it folds flat for convenient storage.

The secret is the 6 wheel drive technology. Dolly Do it keeps 4 wheels on the ground at all times for stability and smooth rolling, with 2 more wheels ready to climb. As you pull, it automatically does the lifting and climbing for you. It’s incredibly lightweight, but strong enough to haul up to 110 pounds.

It’s a back saver for heavy loads of cat litter, bottled water, pet food, luggage, office supplies and so much more. The indestructible all-terrain wheels smoothly roll up and over grass, stones and uneven pavement easily. Comes with a high-capacity carry bag for groceries, laundry, picnics, sporting events and tailgates.

Big dollies are for big things. Dolly Do It is for everything else. You’ll love everything Dolly Do It helps you do.

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