Does Exercise Make You Eat More?

Slim woman measuring her waistline

Good news for those worried that your New Year’s workout regimen will make you want to devour everything in the fridge. Exercise does not appear to up the calories that exercisers consume, according to a new study reported on

“It is commonly believed that individuals increase energy intake in response to physical activity or exercise training,” concludes the study’s team, from the University of Kansas Medical Center. “However, overall we found no consistent, compelling evidence that any level of increased physical activity or exercise has any impact on energy intake.”

That means exercisers don’t tend to eat more to compensate for the increased activity. So if you are chowing down way more than you did before you began your regimen, it may not be your body telling you to eat more. It could be your brain telling you it’s OK to eat more now that you’re moving around more.

This just highlights the fact that any fitness regimen should include both physical activity and some type of food plan.

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