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Diamond Sharp 18 Piece Knife Set

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Diamond Sharp 18 Piece Knife Set

If you love to cook, you need the Diamond Sharp Knife Set. The ceramic coating is infused with real diamonds, making them ultra hard, ultra sharp, and ultra durable. Now you can chop, slice, and dice quickly and easily. Nothing sticks, and it stays ultra sharp. The secret is the hardened stainless steel core with a genuine diamond-infused ceramic coating. Five times stronger than steel. Our textured non-slip grip makes them easy on your hands.

A knife for every slicing need.

You’ll get all 4 Diamond Sharp Knives — Chef Knife to chop and slice, Santoku Knife for chopping tough fruits and vegetables, serrated Bread Knife for perfect slices every time, and the Utility Knife to fillet salmon and debone chicken in a flash. Each knife comes with its own protective sheath. Plus you’ll get the Diamond Sharp Peeler absolutely free. Its ultra sharp edges make peeling effortless.


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