Dial Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses

Dial Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses

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Dial Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses

Millions of people wear prescription glasses. But what if they break, get lost, or your prescription changes? You’ll have to make an appointment for an exam, and wait for a new pair, which can cost you $$$. Dial Vision are the world’s first eyeglasses you adjust to give you crystal clear vision. How does it work? Using the included eye chart, begin by adjusting your left eye by turning the dial until the chart comes into focus. Next, adjust your right eye. In two easy steps, your prescription is matched. You have instant replacement glasses, ready to use.

Like two pair of glasses in one.

Dial Vision was developed in Oxford, England by top optical scientists. The secret’s in the sliding lens technology. When you turn the dial, you’re adjusting the power of the lens until you see clearly. You can even adjust Dial Vision to become reading glasses. It’s like having two pairs of glasses in one.

Free hard case and eye chart. Sunglasses available.

These revolutionary glasses are made with the highest quality impact-resistant optical lenses, with flexible frames that won’t break. Five year money-back guarantee.


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