Curl-A-Dog Hot Dog Curler

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Curl-A-Dog Hot Dog Curler

Curl-A-Dog is the new way to make the most incredible hot dogs you’ve ever had! It’s super easy to use. Just place your favorite hot dog into Curl-A-Dog, then push it down, close the lid, and insert the skewer. Now you’ve got a Curl-A-Dog, ready to cook. Perfect for family dinners, BBQ, tailgating and more.

With Curl-A-Dog, the toppings fill the flavor pockets between the curls. Grilled Curl-A-Dogs get perfectly charred and cook through and through. Makes eating America’s favorite food even more delicious. Dishwasher safe, for easy clean up.

You’ll get one Curl-A-Dog for regular size hot dogs, and one for large size dogs. Both sizes come with their own skewer. Plus, you’ll get the Curl-A-Dog recipe book. Get a better tasting hot dog every time with Curl-A-Dog.


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