Couch Coat

Couch Coat

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Couch Coat

Couch Coat is the reversible, washable, quilted cover that protects your beautiful couch. Repels spills, stops stains from dirty pet paws and protects from sharp claws. Keeps you couch clean and looking brand new. Couch Coat is reversible, with two stylish colors that match any decor. Other slipcovers can be impossible to put on, but with Couch Coat you just lay it down for a perfect fit on any couch up to 92 inches — any shape, any style.

Plush, quilted microfiber makes any sofa cozy and comfortable. Couch Coat even has arm covers for extra cushioning to protect your armrests. Keep your couch looking as new as the day you bought it. The overlapping back flap keeps it firmly in place, so it won’t budge while sitting or sleeping. Machine washable, too.

Couch Coat gives older couches a modern makeover, and keeps new couches looking pristine for years. It’s your couch’s best friend. Other slipcovers can cost up to $200, but Couch Coat costs much less, and reversible in Chestnut Brown and Luxurious Cream.


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