Core De Force MMA Workout

Core de Force MMA Workout

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Core de Force MMA Workout

Beachbody brought together supertrainers Jericho McMatthews and Joel Freeman to create the Core De Force MMA Workout from Beachbody. This is not plain old kickboxing. This is the ultimate mixed martial arts body shaping program with constant core rotational movement to blast away the fat, knock down the weight, and carve your entire core. And you’ll feel like a total badass in just 30 days.

Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, in 3 minute rounds.

With 3 minute rounds, just like a real boxing match, you’re spiking your heart rate to burn the calories and shed the fat. It’s just 3 minutes, so for best results, give it everything you’ve got and don’t stop fighting until you hear the bell.

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No equipment needed. Just your body.

There’s no equipment needed, because with Core De Force your body is your resistance. Every move forces your core to respond. Anyone can use these core rotational moves to achieve extraordinary results.

Results this good are worth fighting for.

Want to lose that belly? You’ll attack it in every second of Core De Force. You really can get the results, if you’re ready to fight for it. Order Core De Force. Get 8 MMA-inspired workouts. Fitness tools to complete your training arsenal. And 3 free gifts.


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