Copper Fit Face Protector

Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector

Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector

These days, face coverings are essential, and even required in certain environments. Now there’s Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector — Copper Fit’s most advanced and durable copper-infused fabric, woven into the ultimate full face protector. It has a Sure-fit non-slip design, for all day comfort and to give you peace of mind in today’s uncertain world.

GuardWell has easy-to-breathe, thermal-regulated fabric with Smart Technology to keep you comfortable and cool. It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying with UPF30 face protection against harsh elements.

Reusable. Just wash with soap and water.

Unlike disposable face masks, you can wash GuardWell with soap and water to give you the clean face protection you need. Designed with Smart Technology fabric, reinforced stitching and stay dry wicking absorption. It’s built to last, and copper-infused to kill unwanted odor-causing bacteria. A stylish and easy-to-breathe and sure fit garment.

Get yours while supplies last.

Coper Fit GuardWell is the most comfortable, breathable, and built-to-last face protector you will ever wear. Demand is very high and supplies are limited. Don’t wait. Order your Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector now.

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