Copper Fit Balance Insoles

Copper Fit Balance Performance Orthotic Insoles

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Copper Fit Balance Performance Orthotic Insoles

Copper Fit Balance is a revolutionary new performance orthotic insole designed to improve body alignment for better stability and balance. When you have aches and pains, and your performance suffers, chance are you don’t have the right foot support. Over time, your arches can collapse and knock your body out of alignment. The Copper Fit Balance adaptive arch support is designed to lift and hold the shape of your arch in correct position. This gives you the support you need to keep your body aligned.

Improves stability and balance.

A semi-rigid orthotic base and deep heel cup are embedded in the insole helps align your feet to improve stability and balance. This is combined with an cushion blend layer for impact absorption, along with a copper-insfused wicking fabric footbed to reduce odors.

“Copper Fit insoles are without a doubt one of the most important products that I put on everyday. Let me tell you, I won’t go without them.”

— Legendary NFL Quarterback Brett Favre

Balance, power, performance — this is the most sure-footed alignment insole you will ever wear. Order Copper Fit Balance Performance Orthotic Insoles today.


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