Cop Cam

Cop Cam Wireless Security Camera

Cop Cam Wireless Security Camera

Cop Cam is the wireless security camera smaller than one square inch. You can hide it anywhere, to record anything, any time motion is detected. It shoots in incredible high definition, and include a powerful microphone to record perfect audio. With its hi-tech motion sensor, Cop Cam only records when it needs to. It also loop records, so you can leave it out 24/7. Then simply upload to your computer to share in seconds.

See what’s happening when you’re not around.

Now, you can see what that sneaky nanny’s been up to. Or, see what’s happening to your private stash. Traditional cameras only have a 70º wide view. Cop cam captures twice the area, surveilling your entire property. Now you can send package thieves packing to prison. Or finally catch which neighbor’s not picking up after their pooch.

Traditional security cameras can cost you hundreds. But you can get all that technology in one square inch with the Cop Cam. Order now and you’ll get upgraded to the Cop Cam Elite with six built-in infrared LEDs. When the sun goes down, you’ll still have perfect HD recording of any potential events at night.

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