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Battle of the Pancake Pans

Flip Jack Pancake PanPerfect Pancake PanDue to the irresistible urge to buy everything you see advertised on TV, you absolutely must have a non-stick folding pancake pan. Who doesn’t love flapjacks smothered in gooey maple-flavored syrup? Undoubtedly due to some dastardly industrial espionage, two such pans have hit the market in quick succession, Perfect Pancake and Flip Jack.

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Cook the Perfect Holiday Turkey

Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey FryerThe Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer cooks turkeys up to 14 pounds in under one hour, and uses one-third less oil than conventional fryers. Cook your family the juiciest, tenderest turkey ever this Thanksgiving – simple to use, and cleanup has never been easier. The Butterball Fryer comes with instructional and cookbook DVDs, Quick Start Guide, meat thermometer, 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.


StoneDine Non-Stick Pans – New Product Tuesday

StoneDine Non-Sitck Skillets, Pots and PansStoneDine Cookware was developed in Germany, and as Vince Offer tells us, “the Germans always make good stuff.” Ceramic-coated skillets and pans may be scratch-resistant, but StoneDine is coated with rocks. These miracle stone-coated pans promise not only resistance to scratches, but also non-stick oil and fat-free frying, reduced cooking time, and high-quality construction with magnetized stainless steel plate base.

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Sonic Peeler – New Product Tuesday

Sonic Peeler As Seen on TVPresenting the Sonic Peeler. For many decades, the lowly vegetable peeler has been the mainstay of pitchmen hawking products at fairs, flea markets, and on TV. Today’s candidate for best peeler ever is a battery-operated model. With a name like Sonic Peeler, you’d think it peeled your potatoes with sound waves. Instead, it vibrates the blades at 4000 RPM, kind of like an electric shaver. The vibrating blades are what takes the hard work out of peeling apples, carrots, cucumbers and even hard cheeses. The Sonic Peeler comes with three different blade types and even has a blade for the most famous of all As Seen on TV slicing techniques – julienne shoestring slices. For a limited time, you can buy one get one and get one free (just pay extra shipping). Here’s where to order the Sonic Peeler.

Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener – New Product Tuesday

Edge of Glory Knife SharpenerThe Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener is not the newest product on our website. But this morning when I noticed it on our homepage, I wondered if naming it after a Lady Gaga song has really increased sales of this otherwise unremarkable product. I’m fairly certain that no one will mistake Anthony Sullivan for Gaga, especially since he’s not singing, dancing or disrobing. Nor do I think the song’s lyrics are about a woman try to pick up a pitchman who will come back to her place and sharpen her cutlery.

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Recipes for Filling Tortilla Bowls Baked with The Perfect Tortilla Pan

If you read my earlier post about the Perfect Tortilla Pan, you might be wondering how we like using this product and what fillings we’ve been putting in baked tortilla bowls. Actually, I can’t take credit, because it’s been my wife whipping up these quick and healthy bowl-centric vegetarian summer meals. She used whole-wheat tortillas, but you can substitute regular wheat or even gluten-free. The tortillas come out toasty and crisp every time, without any oil or fat.

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Perfect Tortilla Pan – New Product Tuesday

Perfect Tortilla Pan As Seen on TVI’m a lucky guy. My wife is a great cook who loves preparing healthy and delicious meals. I hope she’s not reading this, but there are a couple of basic foods she’s always had trouble preparing with consistent results. One is rice. We fixed that with the purchase of a wonderful rice cooker. The next is crispy fried tortillas. They usually come out chewy and soggy instead of crispy and flaky. And of course, frying in oil is not a healthy way to prepare food.

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New Product Tuesday with My Lil’ Pie Maker

My Lil' Pie Maker As Seen on TVMy Lil’ Pie Maker follows in the footsteps of Big Top Cupcake, Perfect Brownie, Cake Pops and many other As Seen on TV products determined to stuff Americans full of sugary, calorie-laden desserts. I don’t know how many calories there are in a home-baked cherry My Lil’ Pie, but a Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie has 480 calories. That’s almost one-quarter of the average recommended adult daily calorie intake. Sorry for the buzzkill. Must be because I just got back from vacation with an additional five pounds of junk food in my trunk. I’ll start over.

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New Product Tuesday with Yoshiblue Diamondware Skillet

Yoshiblue Diamondware SkilletYou may have heard Paul Simon sing about the woman with Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, but what about diamonds on the non-stick coating of her frying pan? That’s the hook of the new Yoshiblue Diamondware Skillet. Building on the success of the YoshiBlade ceramic knife, Yoshiblue takes the ceramic, mixes it up with a girl’s best friend and deposits it on the cooking surface of the pan.

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