ConvecTop Convection Lid

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ConvecTop Convection Lid

ConvecTop is a revolution in cookware that transforms any pan into a gourmet-style convection oven cooker, right on your stovetop. It seals in flavor and cooks your food to perfection, and in a fraction of the time. With ConvecTop, you can transform any meal from ordinary to extraordinary. Works with all stove, gas or electric, even glass-top.

ConvecTop captures lost heat and channels it to your food.

The secret lies in the space-age design that captures the additional burner heat outside the pan, through the unique venturi channels that accelerate the hot air up to 600° F. These hot air spirals seal in the moisture, cook your food faster, and turn you into a culinary master.

ConvecTop comes with a special riser that lifts your food out of the pan and out of the fat, to ensure healthy, even cooking on all sides. Creates moist, flavor-infused, mouth-watering meals without absorbing extra fat or oil.

Not just for the stovetop, try ConvecTop on the grill, for game-changing results that will stun your biggest fans.

Cleanup is easy, too.

ConvecTop stops splatters, making stovetop cooking safer with less cleanup. The solid cast aluminum construction with ceramic non-stick coating means easy cleanup. Dishwasher safe. The handle cut-out means you get a perfect fit with all pans.


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