Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings

Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings

You can look fashionable, slim and sexy, with Comfortisse Slmming Jeggings — the ultra-stylish leggings that look like designer jeans and give you the benefits of a beautiful, shapely body. Why Jeggings instead of jeans? Squeeze into regular jeans and the result can be an ugly muffin top and flattened butt. Face it, jeans seem to be made for only skinny women. And regular leggings aren’t flattering, because they can expose every flaw on your body.

Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings are made of a special blend of Euro Slim fabric and Elastin. This twin-layer fabric is soft to the touch but is designed to perfectly contour to any body type and make you look thinner and firmer. It stretches to fit you while at the same time providing a gentle compression that lifts your buns and contours your figure.

Get the look of jeans, the comfort of leggings, and the power of a body shaper all in one garment. Regular jeans can be hard to get into, give you all sorts of bulges, make your buns shapeless, and leave marks on your skin. Not so with Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings. They fit you perfectly, no matter what your body shape — any size waist, any size hips, any size thighs, any size bottom.

You’ll always look your best, and if you gain a little weight, Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings will still adapt to your body and mold to your figure, because they stretch on you. They hide cellulite, and make everything look like it’s in the right place — thanks to the body-shaping dual-layer fabric and pushup technology. The extra wide support band visually tucks your tummy and trims your waist. Overall compression trims your inner and outer thighs for that sexy, toned look.

Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings come in three colors — classic blue, stonewashed grey and midnight black. So adaptable, you can sleep, exercise, shop, work and go out on the town while wearing them. So easy to wear. There are no buttons or zippers, and they never wrinkle or lose their shape, even after machine washing. Plus, they have real back pockets. Comfortisse guarantees you’ll look one size slimmer.

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