Climbing Strawberry Plant

Climbing Strawberry Plant

Climbing Strawberry Plant

Grow climbing strawberries in your own backyard, or even on your porch. Now you can pick baskets of big red strawberries right off the vine. The Sugar Tower Climbing Strawberry Plant grows up to six feet high and produces mouthwatering strawberries from top to bottom.

An entire strawberry patch in just a few square feet.

Just grow them, then pick them right off the vine without bending or stooping over. Why waste precious yard space when you can grow an entire strawberry patch in just a few square feet? The Sugar Tower Climbing Strawberry Plant can be trained to climb any pole, trellis or fence. Produces sugar-sweet fruit from spring until frost.

Strawberries all summer long, year after year.

These plants are perennial and will continue to produce strawberries year after year. Thrives in virtually any climate or soil.  Before you know it, you’ll be producing baskets of delicious strawberries to share with family and friends. Great for pies, cakes, jams and pastries, or just cut some up to top your favorite cereal or dessert. Why pay outrageous supermarket prices when you can grow baskets of strawberries for just pennies?

Buy 3 plants, get 3 free.

This limited-time offer is even better than the commercial. Buy 3 Sugar Tower Climbing Strawberry Plants and get 3 free (just pay extra processing).  That’s 6 plants for just $10 plus P&H.

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