ClearZone Blind Spot Mirror

ClearZone Car Blind Spot Mirror

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ClearZone Car Blind Spot Mirror

Another close call. Your side mirror looked clear, but that car in the next lane was invisible in your blind spot. You almost wrecked. And turning your head, even for a flash, could lead to a dangerous crash. Now there’s ClearZone, the amazing fully adjustable wide angle mirror that truly eliminates blind spots around your truck or car.

See what’s hidden in your blind spot.

ClearZone mirror can reveal a truck in your blind spot, while your factory mirror doesn’t show that big rig at all. Now you can drive with confidence. The wide-angle convex design lets you see three lanes of traffic, revealing what’s in your blind spots.

Installs in seconds. Keeps you safe. Makes parking a breeze.

It couldn’t be easier. ClearZone mirror installs in seconds. Adjust it and you’re ready to go. It makes parking in the tightest spots a breeze. It’s built to last and comes with a money back 10 year guarantee. ClearZone gives you better visibility and can keep you and your family safe.


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