Campbell Posture Cane

Campbell Posture Cane

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Campbell Posture Cane

Take your next step upright, secure, and with less pain. The Campbell Posture Cane is the ingenious walking cane that allows you to walk more upright, changing your line of sight so you look forward instead of down. You’ll be perfectly balanced, safe, secure and more comfortable when you walk. With the Posture Cane, you’ll have more confidence and see everything around you. You’ll have more support and less fear of falling.

The secret is in the revolutionary Campbell Handle. It takes the pressure off your shoulder and wrist, placing you in a natural, upright, pain-free position. And this cane comes with a 360º Traction Tip. It stands next to you, and allows you to easily get up and out of chairs. You’ll safely navigate sidewalks and stairs.

The Campbell Posture Cane works by supporting the strength of your body using biomechanical engineering to dramatically improve your posture, help you move more easily, and feel less pain. It comes with 12 height adjustments to help you customize the fit. Lightweight and sturdy, it’s easy to carry with you.

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