Cami Hot by Hot Shapers

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Cami Hot by Hot Shapers

Introducing Cami Hot by Hot Shaper, the garment that makes you sweat more where you should sweat more: waist, abdomen, back and back bulge. Created with three-layer Neotex fabric. You sweat, and it absorbs the moisture and evaporates the sweat. Wear Cami Hot for all your activities. You sweat more, but your body always stays dry.

Cami Hot makes you sweat while shaping your figure.

Cami Hot is comfortable, practical, you sweat more, and no one can tell you’re wearing it.  Designed with extra compression seams, Cami Hot flattens the abdomen, reduces spare tires, shapes the waist and eliminates back bulge. It makes you sweat and shapes your figure.

Comes in sizes for both men and women.

Cami Hot is available in sizes for both men and women. The women’s version features the Free Breast System which supports and lifts your bust to give you a slimmer figure.


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