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Broda Acne Treatment

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Broda Acne Treatment

With Broda Acne Treatment, get rid of acne without dryness or irritation. Imagine clean and smooth skin without flaking, peeling or bleaching your clothes.There’s nothing simpler, milder and more effective than Broda Acne Treatment. And it’s just two steps.

Two steps. Apply and rinse. That’s it.

Just apply and rinse, and Broda’s patent-pending technology delivers maximum strength beta hydroxy acid that penetrates pores to clear most acne pimples and prevent new blemishes.

No dryness or irritation.

With Broda Acne Treatment there’s no flaking or peeling unlike other acne products. Developed by leading scientists, Broda uses a breakthrough super molecular drug delivery system, so it’s gentle on your skin.

“Not only does this works amazingly to clear up my acne but since it’s clear, unlike other acne products that are milky white, I can use it in the morning under my makeup without worrying about it drying up and forming white blotches on my skin.” – Ashley, New York, NY

Best of all, Broda is water-based and alcohol-free. And remember, just two steps and you’re done. Apply the clear mask to your face twice a day for just five minutes, then rinse with water. Broda has built-in moisturizers, soothing and cooling agents to leave your skin feeling as good as it looks – even sensitive skin. Restore your skin’s healthy glow and radiance. Feel more secure. Got acne? Get Broda.


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