Bright Time Buddies

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Bright Time Buddies

Bright Time Buddies are adorable animal night light friends that turn bedtime into fun time. Just turn them on and watch your child’s face light up with excitement. Just a soft touch on their head turns them on when you’re ready for bed. Watch the color change between blue, yellow and green. Click again and it stays on the color of your choice. When you leave the room, your child will know they have a trusted friend by their side as they sleep through the night.

Turns any dark space into a magical place, because Bright Time Buddies can go anywhere your child goes, whether it’s down the hall or grandma’s house. The soft glow lets kids fall asleep with comforting light, and their bodies are soft and squeezable. Turns any dark space into a magical place.

Collect all 6 Bright Time Buddies: Dreamy Dog, Domino the Penguin, Crescent Cat, Shimmer Unicorn, Lucinda Ladybug and Lumy Owl. Makes a great gift.


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