Bowflex MAX Trainer Contender for Hot New Fitness Product of 2014

bowflex maxThe Bowflex MAX Trainer is the new fitness machine from exercise innovator Nautilus Inc. that combines both elliptical and stair-stepping movements for a first-of-its-kind workout. Nautilus claims its Bowflex MAX Trainer enables users to burn as many as two and a half times the calories than with traditional cardio equipment.

“There was a need to develop a home fitness machine that could deliver a more efficient cardio experience in less time.”

Bowflex MAX Trainer slashes workout times.

“Our research shows that lack of time is one of the top reasons people put off exercising,” said Nautilus CEO Bruce Cazenave. “There was a need to develop a disruptive home fitness machine that could deliver a more efficient cardio experience in less time.” The Bowflex MAX enables full body movement while engaging the upper body 80 percent more than standard ellipticals, and is easier on the joints than treadmills, according to Nautilus. The MAX’s 14-minute interval workout maximizes beneficial afterburn, and can send metabolism soaring up to 48 hours after training, Nautilus claims.

The machine’s aggressive, lean profile was modeled after that of a motorcycle, and it also has a calorie gauge that works like a speedometer.

Bowflex MAX Trainer

“We looked at a variety of inspirations when we created the Bowflex MAX Trainer,” said Kevin Hendricks, senior industrial designer at Nautilus. “We wanted it to look fast and aggressive, and visually it had to drive the consumer to push past their comfort zone. The design needed to help the user achieve maximum results in a short amount of time. What we came up with is a brand-new product that captivates you and allows you to focus on your workout without distraction.”

Connect with MyFitnessPal app via Bluetooth to track your progress.

Finally, the Bowflex MAX Trainer comes with an app that wirelessly transfers workout data via Bluetooth. The app tracks every detail of workouts and automatically syncs this information with MyFitnessPal and Bowflex Connect, a dashboard device where you can view your stats while working out.

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