Body Action System

BAS Body Action System

BAS Body Action System

With the Body Action System from MMA champ Bas Rutten, you can have beautifully sculpted abs, arms, glutes, legs – the whole package – just by having fun. From beginner through advances, Bas’ DVDs and revolutionary interactive stand give you the personal coach and training partner celebrities and top athletes pay thousands of dollars for.

Muscle activation is the key to a sculpted body.

The key to sculpting your body is muscle activation, and university studies prove that the BAS system can provide 30 times more muscle activation for your hips and inner thighs than doing squats, more activation for your arms and chest than doing push-ups, and way more activation for your abs than even doing crunches.
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Plus, Body Action System gives you a terrific cardio boost, and by following the DVD workouts, you’ll learn the most advanced mixed martial arts techniques from MMA legend Bas Rutten.

“Now you have a sparring partner that can stand up to some of the strongest people on the planet.” – Bas Rutten talking about his Body Action System

Up to 30x more effective than individual exercises.

Sure, individual exercises are effective, but with the Body Action System you can do it all at once, be up to 30X more effective, and have a lot more fun. It’s scientifically engineered to disperse impact and withstand the toughest punishment. Customizable for all body sizes. Folds in seconds and stores easily.

Zero interest zero payments for 6 months.

With a BAS Body Action System, you’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize that you’re toughening, toning, and strengthening your body. Order BAS today and get zero interest and zero payments for 6 months.

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