Blue Diamond Grill Genie

Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System

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Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System

Now you can enjoy barbeque flavor all year long using the Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System with non-stick grill and steaming lid. Grill Genie’s ceramic coating is infused with millions of diamonds, the hardest material known to man. The vented steam lid that seals in moisture and cooks up to 30% faster.

Non-stick. Easy cleanup.

Other grillers burn the outside while leaving the inside raw. Grill Genie cooks evenly inside and out, for a difference you can see and taste. Make an upside down pizza. The toppings back into the grill ridges, but the pizza pops out without sticking. Make grilled chicken wings with easy cleanup, because the sauce won’t stick to the pan.

Grill all your favorite foods.

Use the lid to steam lobsters, shellfish, grilled shrimp and corn on the cob for a seafood feast. Grill sear lined steaks while fat drips away. Enjoy BBQ hotdogs all year long. Use the lid when grilling burger to stop splatters and melt cheese perfectly. And even burned-on messes come right off.

Dishwasher safe and toxin free.

Delicate fish won’t break or flake. Handles a 5 lb. chicken with ease. Oven and broiler safe up to 850º. Toxin free — no PFOA, no PFAs, no lead and no cadmium. Dishwasher safe. Use metal utensils without scratching.


4 thoughts on “Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System

  1. I recently purchase the Blue Diamond Grill Genius at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. How can I get or purchase the digital cookbook/recipes referenced in this ad?

    Thanks in advance

      1. Irene, you’ll have to contact the company directly. We only stream TV commercials on this site. We don’t make or sell anything. Good luck!

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