Blood Type Workout

Blood Type Workout

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Blood Type Workout

Dr. Joseph Christiano Blood Type Workout  features workout DVDs customized for your specific blood type, using your own DNA to redefine your body. Reprogram your metabolism to lose weight and burn fat.  Are you ready to start using your body’s chemistry to naturally and healthily lose unwanted pounds, slim your waistline and build long, lean muscles?

Transform your body in just 6 weeks.

Blood Type Workout is an all-new in-home fitness program that works with your genetics to redefine your body, so you break down fat, burn calories more efficiently, and build long, lean, sexy muscles without starving yourself or going to the gym.

You get all 13 DVD workouts for all 4 blood types.

With this special TV promotion, you’ll get all 13 DVD workouts, including 3 workout DVDs customized for your specific blood type (O, A, B or AB), so everyone in your family can use the program. Plus you get free gifts worth $40.

Your kit includes all this.

Blood Type Workout Kit

  • 12 Blood Type Workout DVDs (3 for each blood type)
  • 1 Hybrid Blood Type DVD
  • 72 page Nutritional Diet Book
  • Workout calendar
  • Get Started and Animal Yoga DVD
  • Inflatible resistance ball & foot pump

Order Blood Type Workout today and start using your own biochemistry to redefine your body!


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