Xhose Expandable Hose – New Product Tuesday

Xhose Product Test Fox NewsIt’s already August, so we may be a little late to the garden party by introducing the Xhose expandable garden hose as a new product. But we just added it to our site last week, and we wanted to share a review of the Xhose by Fox 4 News in Dallas/Fort Worth. Steve Noviello, the station’s lead reporter in charge of investigating As Seen on TV products, took the Xhose to a local garden nursery for a hands-on test watering the inventory. The Xhose was proven to be light, compact, expandable and kink-resistant. It did expand to over twice its original length, which is not quite as good as the claimed 3X expandability, but still pretty impressive. Watch the video below for the full review. Bonus points to the news team for playing Rick James as the lead-in music. Relevant word in the lyrics? Kinky.


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