Wipe New Car Surface Protectant – New Product Tuesday

Wipe New Auto Surface ProtectantWipe New. OK, let’s talk about this product’s unfortunate name. Wipe is just not an attractive word. For me, it generates images of baby wipes and toilet paper. Maybe as used on an African antelope. But I wasn’t hired to name this product. So I’ll switch to talking about what it does.

Wipe New renews and protects plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces on the interior and exterior of your car or truck. I guess it could be described as a super Armor All with advanced nano-polymer technology that protects surfaces for years. So much of today’s cars are covered in plastic, and it can really look bad after years out in the sun in crowded parking lots. Scuffed bumpers, cloudy headlights, dull-looking trim, weathered dashboards, faded seats – all showroom new with just a quick swipe. Wipe New looks like a great product for all of us who are keeping our cars longer, and the results are guaranteed.

This car care miracle comes with a bonus kit including applicator cloths, headlight applicator, headlight polishing cloth, detail brush and nitrile gloves (of course with a separate shipping and processing charge). The double size bottle covers two mid-size cars.

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