Where’s Billy Mays?*

Billy Mays Maize Maze

It’s been four years since Billy Mays’ death, but his spirit is still with us. Reruns of the South Park episode “Dead Celebrities“, Epic Rap Battles with Benjamin Franklin, his son’s “Where’s Billy Mays?” blog, even a Billy Mays Maize Maze – all bear witness to his sticking power as a meme. He sees more action than some Pitchmen who are still alive. Heck, he even has a yearly holiday – BILLY MAYS MEMORIAL CAPS LOCK DAY.

Why does Billy remain so popular? His pitching style is easy to imitate, and his booming voice and black beard are distinctive, but we here at ASOTVV think it might just be that he was a likable Everyman who sold his own version of The American Dream. And he claimed to believe in the products he hawked: he told People Magazine “I use ’em all. All I have is my name and the trust that people give me. A product has to do what it says it does on TV or I won’t sell it.” In this age of cynical celebrity brand ambassadors, that’s almost heart-warming. So today let’s remember Billy with some of his best commercials. And maybe even miss Billy Mays yelling at us to buy things.

*Headline borrowed from the blog of the same name – thanks, Billy Mays III.

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