Vince Offer Meets the Bronies

Vince Offer, now star of Bronie Fan FictionYou know Vince Offer Shlomi from his infomercial products: ShamWow, Slap Chop and Schticky. You may know that he is a disgruntled ex-Scientologist, a filmmaker, and a hooker batterer. But did you know he is now a character in My Little Pony fan fiction?

Bronies are adult men who are fanatical fanboys of the children’s TV show inspired by a line of cute plastic pony toys marketed to young girls. This was a big deal a year ago, so current Bronies are more likely to be located in Des Moines than Williamsburg, where hipster dudes have probably moved on to the next improbable obsession.

Anyway, here is fan fiction masterpiece ShamWow Guy kidnaps the Mane6. As a non-Bronie, I found it kind of unreadable. Maybe it’s the spelling and grammatical errors. Sample sentence: “But he takes a brake so he can caugh to distract attention from his previous sayings.”

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