Tower 200 now with Free Straight Bar

The Tower 200 is now even better. Get a Straight Bar ($20 value) free with your order. Order now! As Randy Couture says, “What are you waiting for?”

The Body by Jake Tower 200 one-payment offer has always included:

Tower 200 Now Get a Free Straight Bar

  1. The Tower 200
  2. 11-Minute Mother of All Workouts DVD featuring Randy Couture
  3. 4 Additional Power-Packed Workouts on DVD
  4. Body-Shredding Drop-Down Workout Chart
  5. Isolation Training Drop-Down Chart
  6. Ankle Straps and Custom Padded Grips
  7. Illustrated Instructional Manual with 200 Killer Exercises
  8. Free Shipping
  9. Limited Lifetime Warranty

One thought on “Tower 200 now with Free Straight Bar

  1. me perdonan que haga mi comentario en espanol pero no domino por ahora muy bien el ingles.
    se ve que esta disenado para desarrollar masa muscular me gustario poder usarlo para comprobar su efectividad mi problema es que no tengo targeta de credito se puede cancelar de otra manera

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