Thoughtful Billy Mays Criticism

More Billy Mays Email
More Billy Mays Email

Sometimes we get thoughtfully critical Billy Mays-related email. Here’s an example we received over the weekend. In the measured words and fractured spelling of Stan:

enthusiam is good, but please stop screaming thru the tv set, we’re all not idiots and do get the substantive information without the agressive, loud, yelling.  thanks

Billy, Stan promises to listen and absorb the important message you’re delivering if you just stop yelling at him. BTW, do idiots repsond well to aggressive loud yelling? Almost every Billy Mays complainer states that he/she is not an idiot and doesn’t need the yell treatment.

One thought on “Thoughtful Billy Mays Criticism

  1. Just thought I’d mention that almost all the products you advertise is great,but I get turned away from buying any of them now because you yell so loud that I can’t stand watching your commercials any more.

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