The Better Marriage Blanket… You-reek-a? Eureka!

lol fartChalk another one up for Yankee Ingenuity. Science teacher and inventor Francis Bibbo has single-handedly saved marriage for couples that sleep in the same bed. He came up with the idea while deer hunting in an Army surplus chemical suit – the kind that provide protection from radioactive, biological or chemical substances. The carbon-activated fabric suit also keeps the sensitive noses of deer from detecting human scent. I can only imagine the “Eureka” moment when he realized that it would absorb and contain the smell of flatulence, too.

Before you could say “The dog cut the cheese”, Bibbo had turned his idea into The Better Marriage Blanket (King, Queen, and Twin, available in White or Beige) and divorce rates plummeted. “If you are going to need a blanket to stay warm, you may as well have one that absorbs odors,” Bibbo points out. Kind of a Hazmat Blanket for gaseous spouses.

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