Telebrands CEO Predicts Infomercial Bonanza Despite Economic Downturn

We were fascinated by this story featured on Wednesday’s NPR Show All Things Considered. A.J. Khubani, President and CEO of Telebrands, revealed the secret of why As Seen On TV products do so well during periods of severe recession. Other advertisers, like car makers, aren’t buying as much commercial time on TV. This allows direct response companies to buy up the excess inventory from stations and networks at the lowest possible price, bombarding potential buyers with pitches for As Seen On TV Products. Glad somebody is profiting from this horrible economy.

3 thoughts on “Telebrands CEO Predicts Infomercial Bonanza Despite Economic Downturn

  1. the last quarter of 2009 seems promising as we have seen lots of signs of econic recovery against the massive economic recession. i hope that in 2010 all our economies would be back on track. recession really sucks.

  2. but the thing i dont understand is if you have this simple but really good idea that alot of people would buy like a mat in front of your door at your home for instance how do you get it on tv

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