SlimTs: Men’s Shapewear, or the End of Western Civilization? Discuss.

SlimTs Men's Body Shaping Tank TopSlimTs Men’s Body Shaping Tank Top claims you’ll instantly look pounds thinner and inches smaller without dieting or exercise. Even if you could tighten your waistline and trim down your love handles with this miraculous man girdle, would it be morally right? I mean, what is The American Man coming too? Would Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier have worn a SlimT under his buckskin shirt? Would Commander Neil Armstrong have worn a SlimT under his space suit when he took his first step on the lunar surface? Sure, they say that the Spandex-blend SlimT is not constricting, won’t raise body temperature and fits under all your regular clothing, but isn’t it cheating to forego diets, exercise and that yearly gym membership? I suppose you could just say that the twelve firming panels are a support for your back, or maybe a posture helper, but… well, I’m just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “SlimTs: Men’s Shapewear, or the End of Western Civilization? Discuss.

  1. SlimT is a gimmick. I bought one and I tell you there is no way in hell that thing will work like the commerical says. Luckily I don’t have beer gut like that but hint of one and it bearly makes a difference with me. Save your money. If it sounds too good to be true….

  2. Great post, Catherine, but I’m not sure why Neil Armstrong would have been motivated to wear a SlimT under his space suit, even if had a bulging Tang gut. It’s not like those NASA moon suits were form-fitting or anything. Like you, Catherine, I’m just sayin’.

    And why are they called SlimTs when they’re not T-shirts. Shouldn’t they be SlimTanks? When Savvy Shopper’s in your post, the sayin’ don’t stop. Until now. I’ve got nothin’.

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