Slap Chop Unboxing

Why should unboxing be just for computers and gadgets? If you thought that the Slap Chop commercial was just performance art, you need to know that the latest product from Vince Offer (the ShamWow guy) is very, very real. We ordered ours back in December on the first day we saw it advertised. It arrived about a month later. Now it’s well past the ides of March and we’re just now posting the pix here. This is a direct result of personal lameness. We didn’t want to post the photos until we chose and installed a WordPress photo gallery plugin. This meant we really should upgrade WordPress to the latest version, but we have been too busy/lazy to do so. Until today.

We did make a meal recently where every course was prepared with the Slap Chop, and of course we documented the process with photos. Look for that gallery soon.

If you make the life-enhancing decision to banish boring tuna from your life and become a proud member of the Order of the Slap Chop, please support our site by using this link:


5 thoughts on “Slap Chop Unboxing

  1. Got the Slapchop in a Christmas grab bag…and I LOVE IT! I’m making chili.

    I’m making Salsa.

    I’m making Tuna.

    …and everybody loves my nuts!

    Thank You Vince!

  2. Um the third is stated on the box.. its for slicing.. so you can have thin slices of cheese or veggies or shaved nuts for baking.

  3. I just received my new slap chop an the Graty, greader. The Graty came with three blades. Corse Fine and one that I am not sure wht is it used for! Anyone know?


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