Slap Chop As Seen on TV

Vince says, Dont have a boring tuna.
Vince says, “Don’t have a boring tuna.”

So far we’ve only seen the Slap Chop commercial on the web. But a semi-literate blogger just saw it on TV, so it is out there. If you see it, please post a comment and tell us the channel and time. Also, we’d love to know if the “You’re gonna love my nuts!” line made it into the TV-ready version of the spot.

I am confused when the poster states they don’t know where to buy the Slap Chop online. Did they think about trying

5 thoughts on “Slap Chop As Seen on TV

  1. i saw this on tv on the weekend about mid afternoon, and the youre gonna love my nuts line was the best thing i have ever heard on tv…(besides the male figure skater i once heard say, well, we just had to man up and go out there)

  2. I saw the slap chop on the Military channel last night/morning about 4:15am and YES the “You’re gonna love my nuts” line made it in. Hilarious.

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