Royal Pedi – New Product Tuesday

Royal Pedi - Fit for a Queen?Before I started blogging about As Seen on TV products, I was completely unaware of womankind’s bizarre fixation with removing dead skin and calluses from their feet. It seems any product that performs this function is bound to be a huge success. Today’s candidate for the foot abrading hall of fame is the Royal Pedi, which claims to be the first hands-free foot exfoliator. At first I thought this meant you had to connect to it via Bluetooth, but no electronics are involved.

To use, attach Royal Pedi to the bottom of your bathtub or shower (just peel and stick) and then repeatedly rub your foot over its exfoliating surface until it’s smooth and sexy. Then repeat with the other foot. The TV offer is a BOGO deal, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to use Royal Pedi on both feet at the same time, especially while in a standing position.

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