RideTight – New Product Tuesday

RideTight Seat Belt AdjusterRideTight is seemingly an automobile accessory without a description. If you watch the commercial spot, you’ll get a lot of information about what RideTight does, but no term for what it is. However, if you watch the product demonstrations on the RideTight website, you’ll discover the proper term is adaptive seat belt positioner. You clip RideTight on your car’s shoulder belt and it’s supposed to keep the belt off your neck, reducing pain and irritation while keeping the seat belt low and tight.

I’ve been driving for 40 years, and I’ve always worn my seat belt. I’ve never really experienced significant pain and discomfort that would lead me to seek out an adaptive seat belt positioner. Since seat belts are subject to strict federal regulations, and since regulators want you to wear your belt at all times, you’d think making them comfortable would be almost as important as safety. But I guess one size doesn’t fit all. If you or your passengers do have discomfort and resist wearing their seat and shoulder belts, maybe RideTight is a good fit.

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