PitchMen Returns to TV January 18

PitchmenI was alerted last month to the return of the aborted second season of Pitchmen. Being a cautious sort, your Savvy Shopper decided to wait to announce this happy news until I actually saw the show scheduled on Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen Episode Guide. Today, it’s official. Pitchmen returns January 18th at 7pm EST/PST, a less competitive pre-prime-time time slot. The sophomore season was canceled after two episodes when it aired in August 2010. Disappointing ratings were why the show was pulled. Let’s hope it does better at its new day and time.

Season two of PitchMen follows Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as he attempts to pick up the pieces and continue making inventors’ dreams come true after the sudden death of his longtime friend and pitch partner, Billy Mays.

5 thoughts on “PitchMen Returns to TV January 18

  1. The thing about Season 2 of PitchMen is that post-Billy, we’re reminded that what makes the show great is the people, the inventors chasing the American dream. The story lies within their successes and failures.

    We hope Discovery Channel smartens up, starts promoting season 2 and brings it back to their primetime lineup. It deserves the prestige.

  2. Great. It is my favorite show on Discovery Channel. I wish it had been advertised on something I watch. I missed the first show, but I won’t the next one.

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