PitchMen Pulled from Discovery Schedule

We were caught by surprise by the abrupt removal of PitchMen from its Thursday night slot on Discovery Channel, announced by the network on the Discovery Insider blog. Poor ratings seem to be the reason, as there is no mention of PitchMen in this Discovery press release trumpeting its best August ratings ever. Everyone here at As Seen On TV Video loves the show and we hope it returns soon, with better promotion from its network. If you would like to express your opinion to Discovery, you can comment here.

6 thoughts on “PitchMen Pulled from Discovery Schedule

  1. Another horrid line-up from discovery channel this season without PITCHMEN…PITCHMEN is a show I watch, TIVO, and use cable DVR to watch over and over and over!!!

  2. I’m stunned… again.

    Last year, as a career online marketer, I was stunned to hear about the launch of Pitchmen. For years I’ve been mentioning Billy Mays and the AsSeenOnTv commercials and website as an example of excellent sales technique to my clients. I learned lesson after lesson from Pitchmen too.

    Then the loss of Billy…

    Now the loss of Pitchmen.

    Maybe they’ll sell a Season 2 DVD.

  3. Sure is a big let down – first it was pulled prematurely last year do to an understandable loss to us all – Billy, now it’s happening a second time.

    It was my favorite show, now I feel at a loss again.

    I hope they get it back on the air and give it another chance.

    Kind regards…


  4. As much of a following that Pitchmen had, it is a huge disappointment that more episodes featuring some of the real inventors and creative minds in America will not be seen to inspire the next generation of those who work to create changes for the betterment of our society. If Discovery drops Pitchmen it is really failing to carry out one of its core missions and one for which most people tune in.

  5. I can’t believe Discovery would pull PitchMen!!! I assumed it did not air due to the gunman but would be back this week so I checked the schedule and no listing. Discovery did next to nothing to promote the show or it’s second season then complained about low ratings after 1 episode!!! So instead they want to show more of the same stuff that causes viewers to surf to other channels. DISCOVERY WAKE UP – PITCHMEN / ANTHONY SULLIVAN / BILLY MAYS JR. HAVE LOTS OF FANS (The show has 6,500+ fans on Facebook) WHO WANT TO WATCH THIS SEASON – PROMOTE IT, SHOW IT & THEY WILL COME!!!

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