PC Matic – Fix Your Computer Online – New Product Tuesday

PCMatic.comI really love this commercial for PC Matic, PC Pitstop’s all-in-one PC optimization and anti-virus download. Yes, the overacting makes it almost seem like a parody. Yes, the actor playing the father breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the camera, but he does it in a mugging manner that lets you know that he realizes how hokey he sounds.

What I like about this spot is that it does a terrific job of communicating its core message: don’t buy a new computer just because it’s slow or has a virus. Fix it online with PC Matic. Even though the scene we’re watching is scripted and completely artificial, having the father recommend PC Matic to his daughter adds real credibility to a product in a field where there is a lot of competition from higher profile companies like Norton.

What the commercial doesn’t tell you is that although the download is free, and you can scan your computer is free, you will need to pay in order to have PC Matic with Super Shield fix and protect your computer. I don’t think this will really come as a surprise to most people, and if they mentioned it in the commercial you’d be less likely to download the software.

PC Matic is from PC Pitstop, a worldwide purveyor of PC performance and diagnostic tools for Windows, with hundreds of millions of installations worldwide. PC Matic combines all of PC Pitstop’s technologies in one product to boost the speed of your PC and Internet connection, protect you from viruses and malware, and make your computer more reliable with fewer freezes and blue screens.

Download PC Matic for free today.

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